Tuesday, November 29, 2011


  your Demond isn't only yours 
you made it mine when you opened the door
 now I'm stuck in ur twisted bliss 
can't crack the code
 in the room that I'm in.. 

 I'd bet a million dollars on the things that I've seen  just because you don't do the act  doesn't mean u don't feel the sting 

 knowing what to believe  always to be deceived. 

Living all only
 feeling so at home 
in this blue  room that youve made our home

Won't you just change your mind forget the situation 
get back in line
 turn the tables 
make a change 
Arnt  you sick 
of the same old games

Unlock the door
 let me out
 I can't take this feeling
 your bringing me done
 I'd live forever just to see you change
  but I kno in that blue room is where you'll remain

 there just bad medicine
 can't u see 
and everytime 
u run back
 to them ur killing me 

 I wish I was a worrier 
 and I could kill 
to  set your soul
  free  from 
 the thing that
 stole you away
 from me
 but that would
 be fighting
 a Demond
 you say I can't see!! 

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